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We've prepared some model itineraries for inspiration when planning your cruise. Let us know what your interests are, and we can craft tailor-made cruise itineraries from scratch.


Setouchi Highlights – Himeji/Shodoshima/Naoshima

Discover the essence of Setouchi through the stunning "White Heron Castle."
Experience the peaceful beauty of Shodoshima and the diverse art on Naoshima. Embark on a journey to uncover the rich history and timeless beauty of this region.

Setouchi Highlights – Miyajima/SIMOSE ART MUSEUM

Surrender yourself to the beauty of Japanese art and history.
Immerse yourself in a moment of soothing beauty at the SIMOSE ART MUSEUM, named one of "The World's Most Beautiful Museums" in the 2024 list of the Prix Versailles architectural award. Reflect on ancient history at Itsukushima Shrine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Setouchi Highlights – Shimanami Kaido/Naoshima

A captivating journey that spans from ancient times to the modern era.
Begin by visiting Oyamazumi Shrine, where ancient mysteries are preserved. At Shinshoji Zen Museum and Gardens, the historic structures and stunning gardens will bring solace to your spirit. Experience the depth of philosophy on Naoshima, a sacred place for contemporary art. Take a moment to admire the beauty of the merging of past and present.

Sail and unveil the natural beauty of Setouchi on a private island

Explore the beauty of the Seto Inland Sea on KUJIRA-JIMA,
a private island exclusively accessible to one group per day. Embrace the tranquility of the island, surrounded by lush greenery and the peaceful sound of waves, away from the city's hustle and bustle. Spend quality time with loved ones kayaking, fishing, on sunset cruises, and more to make your visit truly special.

Setouchi Highlights – Naoshima/Teshima/Inujima

Sail the trajectory of contemporary art around the islands of Setouchi.
Visit Naoshima, the contemporary art haven, Teshima, where nature and art harmonize, and Inujima, where history is reborn. Surrounded by the serene waters of the Seto Inland Sea, this blissful journey is a tranquil escape for your mind and body.